That final push

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That final push

Post by QAOP Spaceman on Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:00 pm

So we're in the endgame... the final weekend.

First up a huge and sincere thanks to everyone who's taken part, whether you've made it onto the scoreboard or not. We've had so much grinding, hard work, persistence on miserable games, resulting in a shedload of tremendous scores.

Whether you focused on a handful of games, or were one of the monsters who took on more games than most mortals can handle - bravo, sirs, and thank you.

A special hats off to ExedExes for all the hard work he's put into manually updating our scoreboard. (As well as wrecking the official one).

Well, if we're all up for it - here's what I reckon.

The Penis can still be made to go limp

The standings right now are: Pene 1679, Us 1577, Starfox 1527

While I wouldn't discount a last minute surge by Barra's lot I really think we should focus our energy on taking points off Team Penis wherever possible.

The DK grandmasters will get us a score bump on that game, no doubt.

But I'd urge everyone to take a peep at Exed's revamped scoreboard and see if points can shaved off Jivey's gang on the titles they're owning at the moment.

Every single point counts

George S Patton "In case of doubt, just push on a little further and then keep on pushing"

We have got some fantastic scores and I'm sure lots of us are thoroughly fed up with some of these games.

But if you can face it, go again. And if you can't face it, go again.

500 pathetic points more on something? Submit it. We don't want a Weeaboo popping up with 300 pathetic points more, and stealing a point.

Moving up from 20th to 19th or from 21st and 0 points to being 20th and a point better off all matters.

Iron sharpens iron

Though I'm not a huge fan of The Bible, Joel West's favourite quote does have something in it.

Quite a few people are already streaming on twitch. Anyone who wants to share their inps so other players can give advice or get advice, let's do it. I can verify any subs over at RU so PM me there of here and I'll get it done.

Right, I'm off to burst some bubbles.

Good luck everyone

QAOP Spaceman

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Re: That final push

Post by ExedExes on Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:09 pm

As co-cap I also thank all of you for participating with such a team as us Laughing Laughing

I threw up better scores on Final Fight and Road Blasters. I want to stay top 5. I don't think I'll pass the pwnasaurus but if I can do just as well as I did at IX Video Armageddon then it's worth it.

I trust our heavy hitters will continue their good work. I'll see where else I can attempt something slightly better even if it doesn't move me any positions at all. I have a feeling about those Weeaboos......

If our DK ringers could work their promised magic this weekend too it would be appreciated!

Let's make it good!

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Re: That final push

Post by vondummpenstein on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:51 am

I choked super hard on Donkey Kong, but it wouldn't have made up enough ground anyways, so I guess I can still sleep at night.

Congrats Team CT on a solid second place performance. It was a pleasure playing with you guys and I would gladly follow you all into battle again.



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Re: That final push

Post by ExedExes on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:49 pm

Yes, a great job to all. It was fun, it was rough, but we stood up against the best. I met lots of new people too.

See you back on Retro Uprising!

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Re: That final push

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